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In Home Services

NBC, LLC is committed to providing the most effective services to each child. Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:



NBC, LLC recognizes that every child is unique and requires individualized services. Programming for each child capitalizes on the child's strengths and focuses on the child's weakness. The provider works with the parents to determine what skills they would like for their child to obtain and individualizes these goals based on the child's needs.



NBC, LLC recognizes that implementing behavioral principles with your child is not always easy, but with a little guidance it can be. Programming for each child is discussed with the parents prior to implementing to determine if the plan is feasible for the parents. The provider works with the parents to develop a plan that they can understand and implement with their child in the child's natural environment.



NBC, LLC recognizes that services are not effective if the person providing the services, is not reliable. Initial plans and programming for each child are developed in a timely manner. Once a child's programming is in place, frequent updates and changes are made based on the data and the child's progress. The provider is always available via email to answer questions and provide feedback.



Quality of service is another key component to providing effective services. The provider refers to all relevant research when developing each child's programming. Additionally, providers attend conferences frequently throughout the year and stay on top of the latest literature regarding autism, developmental disabilities, and behavior analysis. When receiving services from NBC, LLC, you can rest assured that you are receiving programming that is developed from the latest research and proven effective methods.



This principle relates to both the parent and the child. NBC, LLC recognizes that children make larger gains when they are motivated and enjoying what they are doing. The provider works off the child's motivation and within the child's natural environment when working with the child. The provider also works with the parents to assist them in knowing how to interact with and respond to their child. This makes the parent's life more enjoyable because they gain confidence about providing for their child's needs.